this is a story about a girl named buffy



me too jujubee me too

[bangs gong]


by hdubblicious


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poppers give me the worst headaches 

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“Taking Cover” - Issey Miyake, Vogue US, June 1995

“Taking Cover” - Issey Miyake, Vogue US, June 1995

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"ASPIRATIONAL MARKINGS: a guide to the unreachable, unachievable, impossible, unwinnable, unrealistic, implausible…"

Project Rage Queen, episode 2

a collaboration from
Traviesa N/N, Alice Cunt, dalton chase goulette, Gorgeous Vagina & Isaac “The God Doll” Ledesma

video by
New Native & Alice Cunt

soundtrack by
Alice Cunt & Gorgeous Vagina

If u haven’t watched this please do it’s the Second installation of a series of films made by an LA based artist who is a mentor/drag mother/close friend of mine for their yet to be released zine titled Project Rage Queen

Sorry gonna keep cummin at ya with this one because it’s really beautiful work that deserves to be seen

Yep thank you

Yep thank you

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manuel fernandez


manuel fernandez

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